Multi-Coloured Personalities - From Lead Guitar to Piano Crooner. From Street Performer and Busker to Improv Jazz Cat - Jazz trio to Folk Singer - Anytime Anywhere - Lead Guitar Improv -Shakespearean Fool - Drama Queen - Any audience -From a quiet song for a Lover - to an Encore for a Stadium - I Love to Perform - I need to Perform - Collaborations welcome - I still keep a candle lit for someone special -Someday

What part in the play will RCB play...???

"Improv Madness #9" - A video series of Improv of all kinds. But mostly Lead Guitar Jams performed on the Spot. Come what may. You never know what you're made of until you take that risk. 

Live every day - Every moment - Like it was your last.

Life is so Precious.

So Live.


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